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First Anniversary Wopat Party!!

Another Wopat Shot

On April 11, 2001, we celebrated the first anniversary of our Wopat Student Talk Series. Our Wopat talk series has come a heck of a long way in such a short year, and we decided to celebrate as the Duke Boys themselves might, with fried chicken with all the fixin's. To add our own twist, though, Mark Hoffman and I put together a talk poking fun at all of the topics we'd heard about in the Wopat series during the first year. The pictures below were taken during the festivities. Many thanks to Brian Wilhite for his camera skills!

The First Anniversary Wopat started out much like a normal Wopat: people gathering together in the conference room and chatting a bit before the day's talk. Ryan Scranton was chillin' out as Brian Wilhite tested the camera's focus. It evidently wasn't working perfectly.

Ryan Chills

There wasn't that much time to talk, though, before all of the food arrived, and everybody dug in. At that point, people were probably also wondering when the talk was supposed to start. Or maybe not, since it looks like everybody was enjoying the free chicken, or at least Ryan and Andy were!
Ryan grabs some chicken. Andy enjoying a free lunch.

Eventually Mark and I were ready for our talk, and Sandy Heinz introduced us. Below, I was giving a brief introduction to where the Wopat idea came from, and pointing to Mark since the only way the Wopat ever got where it is today was with a lot of help from Mark as well as the help of many other people.

Mark and I start our Wopat: A Year
In Review

After the intro, Mark and I went through every Wopat Talk that had been given in the past year, giving a brief overview of what we thought the main points were. Below, I show an accurate reproduction from one of Eugene Lim's talks entitled "Baryogenesis". Well, Ok, maybe it's a bit exaggerated, but if you were at the talk, you know it's not too far off. :)

I present a replica of a
transparency from Eugene's Baryogenesis Talk.

When we'd finished with the talk, Mark and I finally got a chance to join everybody in lunch.

Mark and I grab something to eat.

We had decided that the one-year anniversary of the Wopat talks is also the time when management of the talks is handed down to a new generation, so to speak, so below, Mark and I are on our final day of managing the Wopats. Again, thanks to all the faithful Wopat attendees for making the talk series not only a reality, but a hell of a lot of fun!

Mark and I retire.

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